January 29, 2016

Fitness Friday: Snowshoeing, Yin Yoga and BodyPump!

Ahhh, I'm sorry for the radio silence over here...and therefore, the almost back to back 'Fitness Friday' posts. Such is life. But...I actually have workouts worth sharing this week, so let's jump right into it!

My week (which for the sake of these recaps begins on Saturday's) started off with a bang! In case you missed it, although I'm not sure how, since it's my only other post from this week (har har!), you can read all about my weekend in the mountains here.

Saturday: 10km snowshoe hike with a 310m (1017ft) elevation gain! I also walked/hiked a total of almost 15kms that day (22,331 steps).

Sunday: 75 minute Yin Yoga class (my new favourite style of yoga!) and a 3.2km hike. Also hit 11,738 steps that day!

Monday: BodyPump with Ange at Goodlife Fitness. The new release was killer. (8209 steps).

Tuesday: Off. Spent the entire day cuddling and napping with a very feverish toddler. Which would account for only 1585 steps that day - yikes!

Wednesday: Off again. But got in 7915 steps.

Thursday: BodyPump with Ashley for her very first class ever! I'm so happy to have awesome friends to go to the gym with! (12,015 steps!). I upped my weights today in class so we'll see how that feels tomorrow.

Friday: no plans yet. My house needs some serious housekeeping done, so we'll see how that goes first....ha!


Best workout this week?

Favourite style of yoga?

Any fun plans for the weekend? I have some fun plans for being active this weekend, but I can't share them yet as they include my husband and it's a surprise!

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