January 08, 2016

2015 in Books

Are we tired of resolution and round-up posts yet? Yes? Well good thing this post is more for my benefit and enjoyment than anyone else's - haha! In case you didn't know, I find stats fascinating and my year doesn't feel complete if I don't break down my reading from the past twelve months into the nerdy details. Feel free to skip over the numbers and see which book I recommend most and which one I highly suggest you skip over and go straight to the movie.

2015 in Books via A Slice of Brie

Alright, let's get on with it. I had a pretty great year of reading. After a not so great 2014, I figured I could only improve this year, and so I'm pretty proud of getting through 38 books. I originally aimed for 20, but hit that pretty early on in the year, so I my sights for 30. This ended up being an easy enough number to achieve without putting in too much effort, so I'm aiming to read 30 books again this year.

I don't really put too much thought into which books I'm going to read…I read based on what I'm in the mood for, with some book club books thrown in. Sure, I'd like to read more books from my own bookshelves that are just begging to be read, but I don't stress about that either. Too many books, too little time, so I'm just happy to have time to read at all.

One thing I would like to read more of this year is personal-growth books. I have Daring Greatly, which I received for Christmas LAST year, and Brown's newest book, Rising Strong, both of which I really want to read sooner than later. I'd also like to re-visit The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, which I abandoned a quarter of the way through three years ago when I felt like I was reading it too fast and not absorbing enough of it, along with her newer books. I'm also very intrigued by the book Wanderlust, which, before perusing it at the book store today, I had no idea was such a BIG book. I'll be putting that one on my birthday wish list.

Anyway, here's the oh so exciting stats from 2015:

Number of books read: 38 (up 23 from last year!)

Number of pages read: 12, 687 (up 8702 from last year!)

Percentage of female authors read: 71% (up 4% from last year)

Percentage of Canadian authors read: 8% (down 39% from last year)

Percentage of non-fiction read: 11% (down 9% from last year)

Longest book read: Fifty Shades Freed by E.L James at 551 pages - I'm horrified by this and should have looked into this a few months ago so that I could have purposely read a longer book!

Shortest book read: Doppler by Erlend Loe at 144 pages


5-star reviews: 8 Books (21% - up 1% from last year)

These were the best 8 books I read in 2015, and I thoroughly enjoyed each one of them for different reasons.

Best Books of 2015 via A Slice of Brie

4-star reviews: 14 Books (37% - up 4% from last year)
3-star reviews: 10 Books (26% - up 6% from last year)
2-star reviews: 4 Books (11% - down 9% from last year)
1-star reviews: 2 Books (5% - down 2% from last year)

One book read in 2015 that I think everyone should read:

A book everyone should read - Wonder by R.J. Palacio

This book, despite being a middle grade book, needs to be read by every man, woman and child. It's honest and sweet and will touch your heart and soul with both heartbreak and warmth. It will encourage you to be a kinder person, and I think we could all learn a lesson from Auggie's story.

One book read in 2015 that I think everyone should skip, but watch the movie:

Worst Book of 2015 Me, Earl and the Dying Girl

Oh dear, this book was painful to get through. I persevered because I kept thinking it just had to get better. It didn't. I know I've mentioned it before, but take this as a public service announcement: skip the book and go straight to the movie.

What was the best book you read last year?

Worst book?

Do you usually try to read the book before seeing the movie?

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