August 13, 2015

Thinking Out Loud {1} - Southpaw, Sisters and Instagram Contests

I've been reading these posts on other blogs for months now, and since they are one of my favourite posts to read, I thought I would finally join in the fun. That, and, I find I have a ton of things I want to talk about, but they don't really warrant their own blog post all the time.

1. I was hoping to have my 21 Day Fix recap up this week, but my sister arrived on Tuesday, and well, blogging naturally takes a backseat when we have guests. I'm not one to write posts too far in advance (should probably work on that), so unfortunately, the blog gets neglected when I have someone staying over.

2. Speaking of sisters - mine flew in from Vancouver on Tuesday to spend a week with us! My sister is my best friend and it kills me that she lives so far away. I would do anything to have her in the same city. Everything is more fun with her - working out, binge watching our favourite TV shows on Netflix, going to girly movies, talking about everything and anything - you name it, I probably enjoy doing it with my sister. I'm already dreading the day she leaves next week.

post-workout sister selfie
{post-workout sister selfie}

3. Last night Jim and I snuck out to catch a movie and a bite to eat at Earl's (yay for gift cards!), thanks to my sister offering to babysit. We were planning on seeing Vacation, but when we got there, we realized Southpaw was starting in 15 minutes, so we decided to see that instead. I went into the movie totally blind. All I knew was that it was a boxing movie and which actors is starred. I wasn't expecting the emotional impact this movie had on me. I literally started tearing up somewhere in the first 10-20 minutes, and I didn't stop crying until well after the movie was over. I had to wait for loud moments of the movie just so I could blow my nose. Pretty sure the guy sitting next to me thought I was crazy. My eyes still feel red and swollen today. The movie was tragically amazing and I can't stop thinking of it. I'm not sure anyone else in the theatre had quite the reaction I did, but this is a movie you must see! (Also, if you haven't seen a trailer for it, I MUST insist you go into the film blind like I did. I watched the trailer after the movie and I can't believe how much they give away!).

4. I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but I had no idea, until after the movie last night, that southpaw means someone (generally a boxer or a baseball pitcher) who is left-handed. My husband was like "what did you think it meant?!". My answer: "I dunno, the nickname for the "hood" he grew up in?".

5. What is it about guests that makes you want to eat all the bad food?! My will-power goes right out the window. And my sister is a pretty healthy eater so it's not even like she's a bad influence. Luckily, I haven't given in to all my temptations, but I am allowing myself to have more treats than usual during her visit. I'm still human after all.

6. I've been pretty lucky on Instagram when it comes to winning contests. I've won quite a few and I've kind of lost track. But yesterday, I won a pretty awesome prize: $150 to spend at But the best thing about it is, the person I tagged in my entry also won $150 to spend on their website and that person happens to be my sister! We're already a little overwhelmed with what to order, but it's fun browsing all their categories.

Have you seen Southpaw yet? 
What's the last movie that made you cry?

Have you won a contest on Instagram before? 
What's the best thing you've ever won?

Bloggers - do you blog when you have company, 
or schedule posts in advance?


  1. How awesome that you have such a great connection with your sister. It's too bad she lives so far! Glad you are enjoying your visit with her.

    I REALLY want to see Southpaw. I saw someone Tweeting about it, but had never heard of it so watched the trailer and that alone nearly made me cry. And apparently the movie is loosely based on Eminem's life. I really want to see it but it's not even playing here!!!!! It's playing in the neighbouring towns, but not in the city. So weird.

    The last movie that made me cry was The Longest Ride.
    I think the last IG contest I won was from MiniSouls, a tshirt for Liam!
    I TRY to schedule posts in advance. It's so much easier to take a few hours and get a bunch of content out so I can enjoy my evenings. I never have company so that's not an issue for me,haha.

    1. I haven't seen The Longest Ride yet! Is it an adaptation of a Nicolas Sparks book? His movies ALWAYS make me cry. Oooh, I would love to win clothing for Sully, but no such luck yet!
      I really should try writing a few posts at once in advance…or at least get more organized! I get on a role and then something always comes up, like company!

  2. We rarely go to movies now, I like to watch movies and home or rent them. I did not even know of this movie! I am such a hermit lol.
    Fun that your sister is here! But it would be hard living so far away for sure. I am dreading having my brother in Calgary right away and that is close!
    What an awesome giveaway to win!! I have won a few IG contests, but also enter a ton! haha
    I always schedule my posts, it is just easier for me, I only really do two a week for that week but the rest is all scheduled/planned.

    1. We used to go to movies ALL the time (pre-baby), but now, not so much. But we have thousands and thousands of scene points lol! I love seeing a movie in the theatre because I'm so much more engaged in it than when we watch at home - at home I want to multitask while watching one, haha ;)
      I enter a ton of contests too - but every time I win it seems worth it! :)

  3. I just won a sparkly soul headband today from Instagram!
    My sister is my best friend too. Moving away from her was SO hard so I totally get where you're coming from.

    1. Oh, fun!! I'm pretty happy no matter what I win, haha!
      It's definitely tough being away from you sister - especially when you're close. Sorry you have to experience this too :(

  4. I keep bitching to Tyler that I never win ANYTHING! I enter all those Instagram/blog/you-name-it contests and....nothing. MY DAY WILL COME! haha

    1. Nothing? Never? I'm surprised because I'm pretty sure you enter just as many as I do! ;)

  5. I had no idea you have been winning some instagram contests, good for you! I know that we usually tag each other in contests, but didn't know you were having luck! I've won one contest quite awhile ago, it was some cute clothing for William.

    I usually wait for company to leave to blog again and don't plan things too far in advance.