November 13, 2015

Four Years

Four years ago, we stood up before our closest friends and family, declared our love for each other and then partied the night away. Our destination wedding in Punta Cana was the best, most fun night of my life. Actually, the whole week was an absolute blast! Instead of just one day for the wedding, we got an entire week to spend with our loved ones, something that will probably never happen again. Every year around our anniversary I feel a little nostalgic for that vacation and wish we could relive the trip all over again. I will forever be grateful for our friends and family that travelled to spend our wedding week with us.

Punta Cana Destination Wedding

The last four years have been both short and long. We've done a lot; we've lived in a few different cities, worked a few different jobs, owned two different homes, had a baby, and travelled as often as we could. You never quite know where life will take you, but I know there isn't anyone else I would want to do life with.

Four Year Anniversary

Life can be full of wonderful, adrenaline producing, exciting moments, but there's also a lot of ordinary, less than exciting days. There are bad days. There are sick days. There are days you wish you could do-over. There are days when you are at your worst, and days when you are at your best. And then there are all those days in-between. My husband is someone I want around for all of these days. He's not just my husband - he's my best friend, my confidante, the father to my child, my shoulder to cry on, the one I vent my frustrations to, the one I want to share new and thrilling experiences with, the one I can be completely, one hundred percent myself around. He's the one I love most in this world (next to my son).

I don't know what our life will look like in another four years…where we will be living, if our family will have grown, what adventures we will experience, but it doesn't really matter because it's the journey to get there that counts, and I'm confident it will only make us that much stronger as a couple, as a family, and as friends.

Our Journey Isn't Perfect, but it's ours and I'll stick with you 'til the end quote

Happy Anniversary, Jim! xoxo

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