November 25, 2015

Hello, From Florida!

Hi, friends!

In case you missed the memo, on Sunday, we packed our bags, said goodbye to the snow, and hopped on a plane to Florida! It seems like ages ago we booked our tickets and I thought the day would never arrive. But here we are, chilling with Jim's folks in their retirement community for the next two weeks.

Do pictures of palm trees ever get old? I hope not, because I just love palm trees. A sight I will never tire of.

This is our third time down here visiting them, but out first time with a third wheel. Luckily, we were able to snag a direct flight and even splurged for upgraded seats (probably not worth the money, but we made sure to consume copious amounts of free food, snacks, Cesar's and beers during the flight!). Sully was a trooper on the flight and even rewarded us with a two hour nap on my lap (who is this kid?).

flying with a toddler
flying with a toddler

The weather in Florida has been lovely, but not overly hot. The humidity always takes me by surprise when I get here, and I could feel my skin slurping up the moisture almost immediately after getting off the plane. Gone are my dry hands and lips, and even my pre-vacation breakouts are almost cleared up! Am I the only one that gets the most massive, needs-its-own-zip-code, pimple before vacation?! Ugh.

On our way to Jim's parent's home, we stopped to eat dinner at Cracker Barrel, which has become a bit of a tradition.

Dinner at Cracker Barrel
Dinner at Cracker Barrel

Mmm, tarter sauce! This kid never fails to crack me up.

Our vacation's with Jim's folks always consist of a lot of eating, shopping, relaxing and playing games. And by shopping, I mean checking out all the cool stores we don't have in Canada. Like Publix, my second favourite grocery store after Trader Joe's, Kohl's, and Target (RIP Canadian version).

I also turn into a woman of retirement as soon as I come here because basically everything retired people do here, I love. Jigsaw puzzles - check. Bingo - check. Read, lay by the pool, and drive around in a golf cart - check, check, check!

Golf cart rides

Jim's Uncle Keith and Aunt Ethel have a golf cart down here and Sully thinks it's the best thing ever. He drives around and around with his Papa, a big grin plastered on his face.

We had our first pool day of many today!

Florida Vacation

It was a bit chilly with the wind, but we Canadians are tough (as evidenced by the lack of anyone else at the pool!).

P.S. If you want to follow along on some of our vacation fun and adventures, I post daily on my Instagram account and my snapchat (user name: slicebrie)!

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