November 12, 2015


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Thinking about: the state that my house is in. Everywhere I look, there's clutter and things that need to be put away, but don't really seem to have a place to be put. We purged so much before our move to Calgary that it blows my mind how quickly it all accumulates again. We're also painting a lot of our walls as they were pretty banged up when we moved in. What a world of difference fresh paint makes, but the process always creates a bit of a mess. In a perfect world, this house would be clutter-free, painted, clean and organized before we head South on vacation next weekend.

Reading: I'm kind of in-between books now. Last week I had both of my book club meetings for the month and now we don't meet again until January. As much as I love book club, it's always a bit of a relief when I can choose to read whatever book I want. I think I will be starting The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende this week as I was sent an advanced readers copy of it and should probably get on it! But I'm also thinking about which books to take with me on vacation next weekend…any suggestions?

Listening to: this song on repeat (it puts a little bit of summer back into these chilly days):

Watching: We just started on season 5 of The Walking Dead the other night (we're 5 episodes into it now) and holy shit is this season ever intense!! Like, "cover my eyes, heart pounding, sleep with the lights on" kind of adrenaline. So good though. Jim started watching Schitt's Creek the other week (I refused to at the time thinking the show looked so dumb), and then he insisted I watch the first episode because he was convinced I would like it. Well, let me tell you - this show is so funny - and not that lame slap-stick, laugh track "comedy" junk. Daniel Levy (who some of you might remember from MTV's, The Hills After Show) is brilliant in it. Plus, it's pretty cool that the show is Canadian and stars some very talented Canadian actors. The episodes are only 21 minutes long, so give it a shot!

Schitt's Creek David Rose meme
Eating: I'm trying to clean up my act, I really am, but I'm so weak when it comes to sweets, and chips, and beer. And basically anything that's bad for me on a regular basis. And I know, why do I even bring these things into the home? Because I'm even weaker at the grocery store! I am trying to start the day out right with a bowl of steel cut oats and I'm trying to keep mindless snacking to a minimum. It's the evenings I struggle with most. That's when I want all the junk food.

Wearing: I find the transition from wearing flats and sneakers to all of a sudden having to wear socks and boots hard. It totally changes a look and sometimes I'm not sure how to pull it all off. Don't get me wrong, I love boot-wearing weather, but I just think some of my pants look better without boots. On another, somewhat related note, watching this guy experience his first real snow day was pretty must the best thing ever (how cute are toddlers in snowsuits?!). He now points out "'no" everywhere we go.

Gap Kids snowsuit

Looking forward to: Florida!! We leave next Sunday, and while my to-do list is a mile long, I am so excited to escape the cold and be on vacation with Jim and Sully for two whole weeks. I just wish our dollar wasn't doing so poorly - it's hard not to shop when we're down there!

Your turn: tell me something you're looking forward to? 
What book should I take on vacation with me? 
Current favourite song?

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