November 09, 2015

My Weekend in Snapshots

Five snapshots that captured how we spent our weekend:

1. On Friday night, I went to my second book club meeting of my new book club. What I like about this particular book club, which is different from my last ones, is that we go to a new restaurant each month. This is a nice treat for me as we don't eat out very often and it's a neat way to experience new restaurants. We dined at a Lebanese restaurant, and while my meal was tasty, the prices were ridiculously high for the amount of food we got. And let's not even talk about how the pita bread was served in the original bag it came in from the grocery store. Not much irks me more than overpriced family restaurants trying to pass as fine dining establishments.

Aladdin's Casbah Kafta Kabob Calgary

2. Confession: I love taking the bottles into the bottle depot. It's something I've been passionate about ever since I was a little kid. And this weekend's haul padded my Starbucks account quite nicely.

Canadian money is pretty

3. I was tidying up my bookshelves this weekend and of course my little shadow was right there to help me. He was particularly interested in my big jar of corks, so I dumped them out to let him see what they were. This immediately turned into a game of put the corks back into the jar, dump out and repeat about a dozen times. The simplest things always end up being the most entertaining. And yes, he wears those boots in the house all the time (thanks to Becky for the hand-me-down!).

Cork Collection

4. I rarely ever buy books for full price anymore. It's amazing how quickly I often score a recent bestseller at the thrift store, and this weekend I was pretty excited to find these two books that have been on my wish list. Bonus points for being in brand new condition.

New Books

5. We took a trip to Canadian Tire today to stock up on Christmas lights and while we were there, Sully spotted this reindeer amongst a shelf of garden supplies (another parent's dump and hide, I imagine). When I showed him it sang and danced, he was a little suspicious and kept his distance. But a few rounds of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer later, and these two were sharing hugs, kisses and Sully's soother. Jim said we should buy him for it, but I put a stop to that when I found out the silly thing cost almost forty dollars!

Canadian Tire Rudolph Toy

Tell me one highlight from your weekend. 

Have you read either of those books?  

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